Hi guys, i want to install Ndvidia driver on my ubuntu

I have This laptop “Toshiba c55 a1h1” with incorporated intel video card and with high performance nvdia card(the one i want to use and install"

–>NVIDIA® GeForce® 710M with CUDA™ Technology and NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology, 2,048 MB dedicated VRAM. Available gra

phics memory can be expanded using system memory, through TurboCache™ technology: up to 3,787 MB with 4 GB system memory
installed as shown in the NVIDIA control panel, and up to 4,095 MB with 6 GB system memory installed, (with a 64-bit Windows® opera

ting system).

I am on the edge, i try to install the nvidia driver for like 24 hours now :)), this is my stuff “NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.32.run” , from all my researches this is the driver i need to install, the problem now is that i found myself with 30 tabs on google with explanations on how to install this that i got my brain fucked…bumblebee,cuda, terminals, console, try to run, get it from downloads…omg, please help!!