gt335m driver, centos 6.3 (32-bit), "no screens found" problem

hello, i have a problem with 310.44 driver on my ASUS laptop, with GT335M.

i installed 310.44 32-bit driver on centos 6.4 (32-bit). here are my steps:

  1. use command:
    […@root]$ yum install -y kernel-devel gcc make binutils
    to prepare minimal soft requirements(these softs are the minimal requirements from the README.txt from 310.44 driver).
    after install basic soft, download the 310.44 driver(linux 32-bit) and save it in /home/

  2. blacklist the nouveau driver, modify /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ,add “blacklist nouveau”

  3. rebuild initramfs image, by command:
    […@root] mv /boot/initramfs-(uname -r).img /boot/initramfs-(uname -r).img.bak [..@root] dracut -v /boot/initramfs-(uname -r).img (uname -r)

  4. modify /etc/inittab, change the contents “id:5:initdefault” into “id:3:initdefault” to start centos in character mode.
    after start centos in character mode, use command:
    […@root]$ lsmod | grep mouveau
    to confirm that nouveau is not running.

  5. use command :
    […@root] chmod 751 nvidia*.run [..@root] ./nvidia*.run -kernel-source-path=/usr/src/kernels/(…i can’t remember it…)/
    and i install it without any problems.
    i use the default .conf file created by the installing program. and the installing program save my old .conf file as well.

  6. reboot centos, and i still get into the character mode. i use command :
    […@root] lsmod | grep nouveau without any output, which means the nouveau driver is not working, and it's correct. then, i use command: [..@root] lsmod | grep nvidia
    with output that shows there are nvidia driver running(i can’t remember the outputs, but it can be sure that outputs contains the key words “nvidia”)

  7. then, i use command:
    […@root]$ init 5
    and then centos can’t open the graphic mode…the screen is black without any responds.

  8. i force to restart centos, and use “linux single” to log in centos, then ,i found:

    Fatal: no screens found

    in Xorg.0.log file!!!
    besides, the xorg.conf file generated by installing program contains 10 screens in .xonf file…

how can i install nvidia offical driver on centos 6.3/6.4 (32-bit)?

thanks for your patient!!!

This sounds like Optimus, so you can’t install the nvidia driver.
You would need bumblebee or the new beta driver, which has initial optimus support.

e…, hello towo, why optimus is not been supported by nvidia official driver? the nvidia official download page said that the 310.44 driver support gt335m, and it’s provide linux 32bit/64bit version driver of it…

Because only very recently did the Linux graphics stack (kernel and X) reach a state where it’s possible to support Optimus technology.

The driver does support the GPU. It’s just that the GPU has no outputs, it needs to pass it’s rendering to another GPU which does have outputs. And supporting this kind of scenario was not possible until very recently.

He might have a mux though.

300 series sometimes had a mux to output using the Nvidia card.


You have (at least) 2 options, use the latest beta driver that has support for Optimus, although most seem to have issues – see:

The other option is using bumblebee –

As LLStarks suggested, you might have a BIOS option which might let you set the NVIDIA card to work as ‘discrete’, and you won’t need either solution.