High CPU usage when use Deepstream SDK 6.0

Hi anyone,

Currently, I want to decode RTSP stream and get frame data by the Deepstream but I have the issue that it takes up a lot of CPU.

**• Hardware Platform: GPU 2080TI
**• DeepStream Version 6.0

  1. Setup Deepstream by the docker images:
    Ref: LINK
FROM nvcr.io/nvidia/deepstream:6.0-samples
  1. Setup Python Bindings and Application Development as LINK

  2. When I use

  • The Simple test application 3 (apps/­deepstream-test3) to test the performance, the CPU is low (~ 10%/stream).
  • The image data access application (apps/­deepstream-imagedata-multistream), the CPU is too high (~140%/stream).

How can I get the CPU performance of the Image data access apps as The Simple test application 3?
Please help me to solve the issue, thanks!

There is opencv operation in deepstream-imagedata-multistream app. opencv will take a lot CPU loading. It is not multiple streams who cause the CPU loading higher.

It does not make sense to ask the different apps to have the same performance.

Hi @Fiona.Chen ,
Thank for your response. I see the opencv operation that convert the color.

Do you have any idea that reduce the CPU performance with deepstream-imagedata-multistream app?


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