High Power consumption in Orin NX

Hi, Nvidia Tech support,

We are using Orin NX 16 GB SOM + D131 Carrier board running Yocto Image built using meta-tegra.

Power consumption reaches up to 19 W during the booting process.
Can you please explain this behavior of very high power consumption during booting & how to reduce it?

after user logging, power consumption is around 6.3 W in (mode 1(10w) of nvpmodel ) which seems to be much higher in idle state.
we are not running any custom application and we can’t see any other resource-hungry background process.

Can anyone please explain which part is consuming this much power?

We have measured power at the adapter using a current meter, we measured around 6.3 w , while tegrastats show 4.6w.

Please suggest us how we can reduce power consumption.

we have already tried changing CPU governer, EMC freq, GPU freq, & other as suggested in Linux Developer Guide.

Thanks & Regards,
Kaushal Dekivadia

For Yocto build, we’re not able to support.
Could you try with original L4T BSP to see if issue still the same?

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