System throttle due to over current

I’m using Orin NX 16GB with JP 5.1. When I stress both CPU & GPU on MAXN mode, there is a warning saying “system throttle due to over current”. I saw that VDD_IN warn current is 2136 mA. Is there a way to set it to a higher value (safely) ? Thanks.

The power budget for Orin NX 16GB is 25W. From the screen shot of Jetson Power GUI, I can see that the average power of VDD_IN is 24793mW. The board might go beyond 25W during the stress test, later the OC throttling was triggered to reduce the clock frequencies to reduce the power consumption, so that the VDD_IN was controlled under 25W.

So, this is expected behaviour.

So, even when set to MAXN, Orin NX will still max out at 25W, right? I thought MAXN mode was meant to hit a higher performance. If the limit is set higher, won’t the performance be better?

And I know that the power budget is 25W, but shouldn’t that be the case of 25W mode? If MAXN is limited to 25W, then what is the power budget of 25W mode? It seems a little confusing to me.

The maximum clocks are higher in MAXN mode, so the instant performance could be better. The power constraint is 25W. After the system reaches 25W, OC throttling is triggers to prevent hardware damage.

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I would like to know if I can achieve the expected throughput in MAXN mode being power limited?

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