How are drivers updated on a DGX-1?

I’m in the process of purchasing a DGX-1. I need to find out exactly how video, CUDA, and cuDNN drivers are updated and managed. What I need to know is whether or not this is done via special utilities that are on the DGX or if the admin has to do it manually.

I’m very familiar with Ubuntu and I have manually installed 1080 drivers by hand on my own systems. I want to avoid manual administration if at all possible. On my own systems if I make a mistake it only affects me and one other. But for the enterprise, I can’t risk that.

I cannot award the contract until I find out this info unfortunately. I’d appreciate any info.

DGX-1 system software, including GPU drivers, CUDA toolkit, NVIDIA container runtime, and other components, comes in numbered releases:


Those releases are managed via a specific repo maintained by NVIDIA for DGX system software reinstall or updates. Updates are delivered via the Ubuntu package manager system (apt). Updates are not automatically applied, but you will receive notification via email when a new update is available.

[url]DGX-1 User Guide :: DGX Systems Documentation

It should be possible to have a member of the NVIDIA sales team help with questions such as this. If you have no such contacts, you may message me by private email (use the forum link below my handle to the left). I should be able to arrange an introduction if needed.