Question about DGX-1 Software and Driver Updates

I’m in the middle of a contract purchase for a DGX-1. I won’t go into the details but I really need to understand exactly how driver updates and OS updates are done on a DGX. My guess is there is a (possibly proprietary) apt repo with packages to update and compile the kernel drivers, CUDA and cuDNN.

Am I right that there is a preconfigured way on the DGX to update all the software components for the GPUs?

I know the DGX-1 is mostly just a regular Ubuntu box, but I need to know how the custom stuff is updated ASAP so that I can award the contract!

You are indeed correct. We have DGX Server repositories that include the DGX-specific packages (NVIDIA drivers, Mellanox OFED, configuration-tuning, etc.) that are pinned at a higher priority than the main (e.g., Canonical) repos, to help keep the DGX in a controlled, known software level. Actual updating is as you’d do on any other system (e.g., “apt update && apt upgrade”) as described in the documentation linked above.