Question about DGX-1 Software and Driver Updates

I’m in the middle of a contract purchase for a DGX-1. I won’t go into the details but I really need to understand exactly The Guardians India how driver updates and OS updates are done on a DGX. suraj palette My guess is there is a (possibly proprietary) apt repo with packages to update and compile the kernel drivers, CUDA and cuDNN. 1 bhk flat in undri

Am I right that there is a preconfigured way on the DGX to update all the software components for the GPUs?

I know the DGX-1 is mostly just a regular Ubuntu box, but I need to know how the custom stuff is updated ASAP so that I can award the contract!

You are correct. The DGX-1 uses a DGX Server specific apt repository to download NVIDIA drivers, CUDA, Mellanox OFED, nvidia-peer-memory, and additional packages. The OS itself, and typical Linux packages (bash, openssl, etc. etc.) are still updated from the Canonical repositories.

You can find the specific repositories that are references in the DGX-1 User Guide, specifically .