How can i enable PMIC-WDT

I followed guide below

How To Enable PMIC-WDT

To enable PMIC-WDT:

1. Change ODM data: set ODM data bits 17:16 to 0b10 before flashing in conf file. (This enables PMIC-WDT and disables Tegra-WDT.)

In the file sudo vim p2771-0000.conf.common, replace 0x1090000 with 0x10a0000.

2. Enter the command:

echo 0 > /sys/module/kernel/parameters/panic

3. Enter the command:

cat /dev/watchdog


echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

(The latter command causes the system to crash.)

4. Wait for two minutes. The device reboots. With this reboot, UART logs begin to appear in the mb2 logs:

[0000.203] I> pmic: reset reason (nverc) : 0x2

But console log print pmic: reset reason (nverc) : 0x0

what 0x0 means? and is this guide works?

hello kimjishu,

you may just modify ODMDDATA bits 17:16 in the config file to enable pmic-wdt; it’s 0 to disable and 1 to enable.
bit 16: Tegra Denver Watchdog Timer
bit 17: PMIC Watchdog Timer

In this file

I modified all “ODMDATA=0x1090000;” text to “ODMDATA=0x10a0000;”

but after flashing, result is pmic: reset reason (nverc) : 0x0

(I use Jetson TX2 NX)

hello kimjishu,

you’ve update the wrong file, TX2 NX is using p3636.conf.common.

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