How to set reset timeout for PMIC WDT

from NVidia doc, it refers to the following statement:

Wait for two minutes. The device reboots. With this reboot, UART logs begin to appear in the mb2 logs:
[0000.203] I> pmic: reset reason (nverc)        : 0x2

so is there any way to adjust the reset time, as I know the default is two minutes ?


The document you are referring to is for TX2 not for nano.

Sorry, I do not see the document is special to TX2. and I noticed if some sections especial to special devices, it will remark in the context. I also know PMIC is enabled on our Jetson nano module, as I can follow the rule to check the PMIC WDT and its timeout.

Please directly check the pmic kernel driver.


Hello! I have a question now. Max77620_wdt. c driver ret = regmap_read(WDT - >; The rmap, MAX77620_REG_CNFGGLBL2 ,&regval); Where does the regval parameter come from? I print regval and the result is 31. Which register does regmap_read read? Can you tell me about it? Thank you very much!

Please help to open a new topic, thanks