How can I import pytorch model by old TensorRT Optimizer Tool?

According my observation, the TensorRT Optimizer Tool included in DriveWorks-1.2 which is latest version for PX2 does not support importing ONNX. So I just wonder if I use newer version TensorRT Optimizer Tool to generate bin file and use it on DriveWorks-1.2 SDK DNN module, will it be OK?

Dear @yuanyuanyuan,
Model generated from different DW release is not supported

So is there any solution for PX2s and DNN module to apply the pytorch model?

Dear @yuanyuanyuan,
The support for ONNX model was added later which is not available on last release of DRIVE PX2. Only caffe and UFF models are supported on DRIVE PX2.

Ohh…It’s a sad story. It seems that I need learn toughTensorFlow.

Dear @yuanyuanyuan,
Please consider upgrading to DRIVE AGX platform to get latest DRIVE SW updates.