How can I setup remote debugging with cuda-gdbserver on a Jetson target?

I develop software on a host computer and run and debug the application via cuda-gdbserver.
How can I setup this with the new VS Code extension? It seems that “miDebuggerServerAddress” is ignored.
The cuda-gdbserver is running on the target and I can manually connect cuda-gdb to it, but unfortunatly not within VS Code.
It would be great if there is a solution for that.

Best regards

The extension doesn’t support cuda-gdbserver yet, this will be added in a future release. For now the only way to do remote debugging is via Remote-SSH.

Thanks for your quick reply!

@Elton ,

Could you give the release date of the remote debugging feature in the extension? Is it planned to be released soon or somewhere in the far future?

Thank you.