How can we enable and configure "RGMII" on Jetson AGX Orin


We flashed agx orin using sdkmanager(Jetpack 6.0). When we looked at the source files in install location of the sdkmanager we could not find “tegra234-ethernet-3701-0004.dtsi”. We would like to add Rgmii and according to documentation we have to change this file. How can we fix this?

Is this your first bring up or not?

If this is your first bring up I would suggest use rel-35/jetpack5 first.

Yes, it is. Then I will try.

What is the difference between Jetpack-5.0.2-Runtime and Jetpack-5.0.2? Will there be any issue if I install Jetpack-5.0.2? Is changing the ‘ODMDATA’ line in the ‘conf.common’ file sufficient for making changes in UPHY? And can I flash using sdkmanager after making changes in .dtsi files?

I downloaded and installed rel-35/jetpack5 but I could not find “tegra234-ethernet-3701-0004.dtsi” file.

Thank you.

Use jetpack5.1.2 instead o 5.0.2. 5.0.2 is too old.

I used Jetpack 5.1.3 But nothing changed. Could it be because we selected agx orin 64 gb when choosing the device? Would downloading the BSP and rootfs files from Nvidia’s website without using sdkmanager be a solution?

BSP could be downloaded here.

But if this is your first day using this, I would suggest you can start from using the BSP from sdkmanager first…

I just want to double-check. I haven’t worked with Orin before. Maybe I’m encountering a problem while downloading. Thank you.

@WayneWWW Hi, how are you?

Now that we’ve found the source and “tegra234-ethernet-3701-0004.dtsi” files, and downloaded them from Nvidia’s website. We made the necessary changes for RGMII in the “tegra234-ethernet-3701-0004.dtsi” file. But do we need to run a sh file or script after this step? Is it sufficient to directly run

How can I determine if the device is in RGMII mode after booting? Additionally, how can I install the “Marvell 88E1512” driver?

Note: Pin modifications required for RGMII have been made. Changes were made within the “tegra234-ethernet-3701-0004.dtsi” file.

Thank you.

please refer to document to learn how to build files.

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