Orin RGMII with Jetson Linux 35.1 troubleshooting

We are unable to get RGMII working with Orin and r35.2.1
Following the adaptation guide, we are still unable to get the RGMII to work. Any advice for further troubleshooting will be very welcome.

  1. We build the kernel following the developers guide, with source_synced to tag jetson_35.1
  2. We modify the ODMDATA field to disable the 10G ethernet and allow the Orin to boot.
  3. We update the UEFI with the debug version following the instructions on the github wiki (and other forum posts)
  4. We modify the pinmux as suggested in the developers guide. (There are errors in the current version of the guide).
  5. We modify the device tree as suggested in the developers guide.
    A bunch of the relevant log files:
  6. Bootlog including DEBUG UEFI:
    dmesg_log.txt (150.2 KB)
  7. Pinmux:
    tegra234-p3737-eqos-pinmux.dtsi (4.3 KB)

What is your method to check if these files you changed really get flashed to the board or not?

This is I got from the carrier board.
“kener_tegra-p3737-0004-p3737-0000.dts” file is from “/boot/kener_tegra-p3737-0004-p3737-0000.dtb” converted
Same as the information I modified
kener_tegra-p3737-0004-p3737-0000.dts (529.6 KB)

This file has nothing to do with pinmux dts file. Pinmux dts file is not for kernel dtb to use.

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