How do I connect Isaac Sim on Windows 11 and Ros2 Humble within Vmware on Ubuntu 20.04 via Ros2 Bridge Extension

I am running Isaac sim on windows and have Ubuntu in vmware running on the same pc. The windows ip address is and vmware is The vmware networking is setup as bridged network to wifi adapter. Is there a configuration file in windows to set the Ros2 bridge ip address for the Ros2 system in vmware?

I have setup the Actiongraph from the turtlebot3 tutorial to connect to have the /cmd_vel topic appear, but when i do ros2 topic list in my ros2 workspace in vmware i dont see the topic. I have already confirmed as well that the windows os can see the ubuntu pc by just creating a simple flask python server in the ubuntu os and going to its webpage on the windows os and that worked.

Hello, do you have any updates on this and got this to work ? Also have you tried to run ROS2 in docker instead of VMWARE?

No, i think this forum is like asking a question into a void

Have you solved it? My problem is roughly the same as yours.
I am planning to run ROS2 in WSL, but I can’t find a way to implement it now.

ROS2 use some ports for topic communication.
The ROS_DOMAIN_ID — ROS 2 Documentation: Galactic documentation

You can check if the above network ports are blocked by VMWare/firewall or not…