Omniverse Isaac sim on Windows 10 + ROS (1 or 2) on WSL2 instances

Dear you all,
I currently work on windows 10. Omniverse and Isaac Sim are installed on my windows session. When I need to develop ROS programs, I start a dedicated WSL2 instance with a Ubuntu distribution and a ROS installation on it (done by me once, and I wsl import / wsl export tar files). I wanted to use the Isaac Sim ROS bridge but it is not available in Window->Extensions. Even if I start a ROSCORE on a WSL2 instance, and start a roslaunch with a functionnal ROS BRIDGE (tested with a websocket on the window session). So I guess there is a way to do it, but … this is not how you explain it in your documentation. And I am kind of blocked : I can’t find a similar topic/issue on the web. Can you help me ?

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anyone help ?

Isaac Sim does not support ROS2 on windows currently, we are working on supporting it for the next release.

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@Hammad_M When will the next version be released?

There seems to be a beta out for ROS 2 6. ROS & ROS 2 Installation — Omniverse Robotics documentation

ROS2 has support on Windows but there is no support for WSL2. See the forum post comment: My issac sim at omniverse in wsl2 can not launch - #2 by amaury.deldicque

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