How do I login as root?

Is the root password “nvidia”?

This is something Ubuntu does, and is unrelated to Linux in general, and not related to Jetsons. What you are seeing is that direct root login is prohibited (normally; more on that below). You have to log in as your regular (admin) user, and then use “sudo” to get root authority.

Some convenient ways to use sudo:

  • sudo -s
    (drops into a root shell until you “exit”)
  • sudo su
    (allows you an actual root login, not just a shell…slight difference in inherited environment)

It is possible to set up an actual root login. It isn’t always recommended, but here is a situation where I do recommend it: If root login is via ssh only, and if only ssh keys can login (no password), then this is tremendously useful and secure for development.

You can just set up root login like on any other system, but if you do, then it is highly recommended that ssh login to root be prohibited. If you want to set up the root account, then just suggest how you want to use it and advice can be given. My first advice is to not do it unless there is a reason why sudo is not good enough (and sometimes remote key-based ssh is a good reason).

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