password root

hello,what is the password of root?

No such password exists by default on Ubuntu. Only sudo can be used (it’s annoying…and it implies that removal of the admin account “ubuntu”, if the only admin account, will permanently remove all admin access).

You can unlock the root account and add a password. What I do is temporarily unlock root, add ssh key login for root, and then re-lock the account…after that I can directly login via ssh key but all other root access is limited to sudo.

Example for unlocking…

Give root a password:

sudo passwd root

Unlock root:

sudo passwd -u root
# can now login to root just like other Linux distributions...

Lock root:

sudo passwd -d -l root

When I prepare to install for Jetson TX2, it requires to have root authorization to establish a folder such as JetPack in the main directories including /bin, /home, /opt. Without root authorization, the system does not allow to establish the folder of JetPack. How can I get the root authorization or password?

While I try your method such as sudo passwd -u root, Terminal has the following response.

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo passwd -u root
[sudo] password for nvidia:

I input the default password: nvidia

password: password expiry information changed.

After completion of the above-mentioned operation, I still could not establish a new folder such as JetPack in any of the above-mentioned main directories. I also is not allowed to open the file of root. It reminds me of the following pop-up.

This location could not be displayed.
You do not have the permission necessary to view the contents of “root”.

Please help me to solve the installation issue of

Thanks in advance,

Double post. Answered in the other thread:

Also note that at times JetPack might be asking for your password on the regular user’s account of the PC, not the Jetson. Look carefully at wording.