Installed JetPack 3.1, nvidia and ubuntu accounts

Other linux platform has root account for systemd, etc.

Why the Jetson has the ubuntu and nvidia accounts since JetPack3.0?

I changed the password for both accounts for security reasons.

Any reason NOT to remove the nvidia and ubuntu acounts?


I don’t know why the nvidia account, but Ubuntu can be very annoying with its handling of no root account…this is an Ubuntu thing no matter which hardware you use. Technically Ubuntu does have a root account, it’s just locked…you can unlock root. What I do is unlock root, set up ssh keys, then re-lock root against password login…then I can remote in based on ssh keys. Ssh is set up for key access only.

An example unlock:

# create a root password:
sudo passwd root
# unlock root:
sudo passwd -u root
# re-lock root if desired:
sudo passwd -d -l root

Thanks for the response.

I’ll remove the nvidia account for the time being.