How do I put the ReplicatorIteam onto my robot

Sorry, I encountered some problems while using it.

I want to use replicator to collect some data, RGB depth, etc. I made a robot and want to put the camera on the robot. But I created the camera, the path is in “Replicator/Camera_Xform/Camera”, and I moved the camera to “World/Cube_01/Camera”, it is not working. It cannot be placed on my mobile robot. I want the robot to wait for my camera to move and collect some data. The camera’s type is “ReplicatorItem”.
And the forums and documents I saw all created a new camera and quoted it directly. There is no path change or movement placed on the robot.

Can I put it on my robot and use it after I create it?

I want to find some solutions

Hi there,

you can add a default USD camera to your robot and use that to create the render product:

Here is a similar tutorial:

Or a shorter snippet: