How do i run the demos?

I gave up on the old jetpack due to the numerous issues I pointed out on how it is impossible to use it in an environment where we dont have linux coders. I gave it a rest and then i saw that JetPack 4.2 was released so i thought of giving it a shot. I saw the demo where it tracks people and I thought this could be a great test to check for people via cameras in underground mines…

I re-flashed my Jetson with JetPack 4.2 but I have no clue where the demo for the object tracking and I have no clue how to get started with the demos. The Jetson hacks video shows a path that doesnt exist on his jetpack 4.1 video: /usr/aarch64/linux/release this folder where he is running the samples from does not exist. I tried to make a few of them some worked some failed I have no clue

I wish there was a guide to how to get started and even before creating anything, a guide how to run (and find) these samples

Please help!

same my question


Are you talking about this demo?

If yes, the latest version doesn’t support JetPack4.2 yet.
You can use deepstream 1.5 with JetPack3.3 first


Hi AastaLLL

No im talking about the one where people are walking in the park and the algorithm detects the direction they are walking.

But i finally found it and understood the confusion. Firstly the guy with that path in the video is because he is using JEtpack 4.1 and things have moved. The main confusion was that in my /home directory there was a folder called VisionWorks sFM sample something. I read about te VisionWorks but when i make the file there was just one demo with cars parked in a parking lot so I was confused.

Turns out the real vision works demo was in the usr/share/visionworks folder and there i found it.

I just want to point out that in the industry it is VERY EXPENSIVE to even get a company to come and do a demo for us. We work in mining and nobody will come to do a POC for us without signing a contract that leads up to buying their product which costs $XXX,000’s so it is critical that our internal team can at least prototype this technology on a small and cheap scale so that we ourselves understand it.

Now knowing that the entire platform from Nvidia is open sourced on linux, we know theres a challenge and we need to get our IT people familiar with Linux. However it would be great if Nvidia gave out a starter kit so that we can follow it and present itso we can have a budget to send out IT guys for a Unix course. Its kind of a catch 22 but I do hope Nvidia considers this in their future patch/release. I did read the documentation site ( but it made no mention on where to find the demos or how to run them.