How does the GPU governor on jetson nano work?

Hi, community!
I was testing how much the GPU utilization on jetson nano changes as I send frames to it at different FPS. I used the file /sys/devices/gpu.0/load to get the GPU utilization at every millisecond. I found some patterns while running at 15, 30 FPS and wanted to know more about it. The following graph shows %usage vs time in milliseconds at 15 FPS.


I suspect that patterns are due to some GPU governer that Jetson Nano employees. What do you guys think?

Check if nvpmodel run as MaxN mode.

sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo jetson_clocks

It is in MAXN mode

> sudo nvpmodel -q

NVPM WARN: fan mode is not set!
NV Power Mode: MAXN

I ran sudo jetson_clocks as suggested but still got the smilar patterns.

Here is a zoomed preview of it.

I have attached the file containing utilization data.
data.csv (150.3 KB)

The patten has a periodicity of 1.1 second approx. This seems to be a set parameter rather some experimental glitch.