How Isaac sim's Navigation Sample Applications Implement Multi-robot


I’m applying the Omniverse Isaac sim’s Navigation Sample Applications example to my robot.
As you know, I am not proficient in code and Python.
But I have to show a multi-robot demo to the customer this time.
After this demonstration, we will look at the possibility of multi-robot and go into deep development.
It’s a difficult request for me, but could you tell me how to use Omniverse Isaac sim’s Navigation Sample Applications so that I can upload 3 robots and go to my destination?

The reason I chose Omniverse Isaac sim’s Navigation Sample Applications is because they seem to be the easiest to access among other examples.
If you know any other easy way to apply multi-robot, you can let me know.

I desperately need your help this time.
7. ROS Navigation — Omniverse Robotics documentation is good advice, but it’s still a difficult and distant future for me.

Hi @gudwnzm

By programming, you can do whatever you want :)

The attached script is a modification of the original demo to load multiple robots. The key steps are 1) duplicate the code related to the controllers and the other variables specific to each robot and 2) position the robots (without collisions between them) at the beginning. For this the create_prim function from omni.isaac.core extension was used…

Note in the video, that the demo does not consider the obstacles (the other robots) for the planning and control of navigation. (19.9 KB)

Don’t be afraid to implement more advanced navigation controls with deeper programming or the use of external frameworks. It may take a while but you will learn a lot from it. Have fun! :)

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Thank you always for your kind help.
I’ll show you a more advanced look.

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