How much video memory mounted on Jetson TX1?

In ordinary Nvidia card I can use nvidia-smi, but I couldn’t find it on Jetson TX1. How can I inspect the spec of Jetson TX1? I want to know how much video memory mounted on Jetson TX1.

Linux4Tegra doesn’t have nvidia-smi - but you can verify the amount of video memory with CUDA deviceQuery:

Total amount of global memory:                 3854 MBytes (4040933376 bytes)

Since Tegra X1 (and Tegra K1) have shared memory controller between the CPU and GPU, the GPU can access nearly all of system RAM as video memory. See this related blog article ( for an example of using ‘zeroCopy’ to have the Tegra CPU/GPU access the same physical memory without extra copies.

I see. Thank you !!