Installing nvidia-smi on L4T

I have flashed the latest version of L4T to my Jetson board. I have b een looking for nvidia-smi tool but I cannot find that utility. How could one install nvidia-smi tool?

nvidia-smi is only for the desktop GPUs. I don’t think it can do anything on Tegra.

Hmm, So how can one get GPU usage statistics of Tegra K1. What is the preferred way to do this?

You could use tegrastats tool.

sudo ./tegrastats
the result will look like:
RAM 451/1892MB (lfb 188x4MB) cpu [13%,off,off,off]@51 EMC 32%@102 AVP 0%@204 VDE 120 GR3D 0%@72 EDP limit 0

and check the GR3D for GPU usage.