How status working Wayland with the curret Jetpack 32.6/32.7+

I can’t load any GUI with Wayland on the current jetpack nano support.
It remains a black screen flashing “-” and does not log in.

It’s needed recompile something specific kernel for it? Or has the support under Wayland not been tested much?

We have steps in gstreamer user guide to use nveglglessink. Please follow the steps and see if you can run successfully.

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I will look thanks

It’s partially solved the main problem :
With root user several apps can’t load due security failed sandbox .
If I changed /etc/modprobe.d/tegra-udrm.conf
Enable options tegra-udrm modeset=1
Lost Vulkan driver because load mesa3d first and said :
Xlib Extension “NV-GLX” missing on display “:0”
If DISABLE_MESA_EGL=“0” can prioritized Nvidia EGL over mesa and load OpenGL propietary apps correctly .
But how load Vulkan driver with Wayland login? .

Vulkan + Wayland is not a use-case tested in the release, so it is possible it does not work properly. Since nveglglessink is open source, you may look at the source source code and check further. The source code is in

There is an issue about compiling the source code. Please check
Jetson/L4T/r32.6.x patches -
[gstreamer] fail to build