How to access partition table in recovery mode

I have a TX1 SOM which has Nvidia OS flashed based on it. After that I was able to successfully boot into it. But somehow TX1 is not booting up now (stuck at Nvidia Logo).
I want to know how can I access the partition table of that TX1 SOM in recovery mode?

I had known the following command but has been discontinued.
./nvflash --getpartitiontable table --bl ardbeg/fastboot.bin --go

Thanks in Advance…

hello deepak.u ,

could you please share the reason for accessing partition table?

you should setup serials console and gather bootloader logs for the details.

I want to know if our custom OS was previously flashed on that TX1 module or not? We haven’t changed much on the lower level of the OS. We are creating a new partition when OS is flashed. So, just want to check those by the partition table.

hello deepak.u,

to be honest, I’m not working with TX1 for a while,
so, could you please confirm you have nvflash, fastboot.bin, flash.cfg, and BCT file there?
you should put the device into recovery mode, using below command, to check out text file pt.txt for the partition table.
$ sudo ./nvflash --bl fastboot.bin --getpartitiontable pt.txt --go

Hi Jerry,
As mentioned in main post, I know a command to access partition table using nvflash. But in the jetpack version I am using (Jetpack 3.3), nvflash has been discontinued and replaced by
Does tegraflash also supports same functionality? Also, can I find any technical user manual to know what all functionality is supported by tegraflash?

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hello deepak.u,

there’s no documentation for tegraflash, you may enable --help to show the usage.
i.e. $ sudo ./ --help

please have a try as below for reading single partition,
i.e. sudo ./ --bl cboot.bin --applet nvtboot_recovery.bin --chip 0x21 --cmd "read <PARTITION NAME> <local_file_name>"