How to automatically run on TX2 at startup

How to automatically run on TX2 at startup
I tried to write a script “” at /home/nvidia/ like this
echo “nvidia” | sudo -S ./

And then I run the script in the terminal, it does raise cpu and gpu clock.

But when I add the script in /etc/rc.loacl like
sh /home/nvidia/
exit 0

it don’t work anyway.

FYI, my testing is on R28.1.

I don’t know why rc.local wouldn’t work, but you are right. I see the fan pwm maxes out, but MinFreq and CurrentFreq never change. I am thinking perhaps the kernel is not yet at a stage where these can be changed.

To test one possibility I added “sleep 3” prior to calling in rc.local. This didn’t do it, so I used “sleep 10” instead. This worked.

Perhaps someone from NVIDIA could mention if there is something in “/sys” which could be used to determine when the min/max/current CPU core frequencies become available to modify through “/sys”. Instead of pausing for 10 seconds perhaps something which forks and pauses until this is ready would be more reliable.

haha, Thanks.
I do as your says , add “sleep 10” before "sh /home/nvidia/ " in /etc/rc.loacl and then reboot .
It does raise cpu and gpu clock.

hi hellomicheal,
Can you tell me the content of and ?
Thank you very much! is a script, when you install the JetPace finish it will be the path of : /home/nvidia/
and is a script write by myself , here is the content :
#! /bin/bash
echo “nvidia” | sudo -S ./home/nvidia/

hi hellomicheal,

Thank you very much for your reply.
My firstly run check_uptime() which will continue running the following program when the value of “/proc/uptime” is greater than 90.
Can I commit out the check_uptime in the function of main?


if [ -e “/proc/uptime” ]; then
uptime=cat /proc/uptime | cut -d '.' -f1

if [ $((uptime)) -lt 90 ]; then
    printf "Error: Please run the script after $((90 - uptime)) Seconds, \

\notherwise ubuntu init script may override the clock settings!\n"
exit -1
printf “Warning: Could not check system uptime. Please make sure that you run the script 90 Seconds after bootup,
\notherwise ubuntu init script may override the clock settings!\n”

main ()

[ whoami != root ] && echo Error: Run this script(0\) as a root user && exit 1 … do_cpu do_hotplug do_clusterswitch do_gpu do_emc do_fan } main @