How to bring up the imx390 sensor

Hi teams

Recently, we are lighting up the imx390 sensor, which has no internal ISP.
I used the ti960+ti953+imx390.
There is already a video node in the dev directory.(which is video0 and video1)
When I open the /dev/video0 node,it show as below:

[ 5549.451371] max9295 8-0018: max9295_setup_streaming: no sdev client found
[ 5549.451521] imx390 8-005d: imx390_start_streaming: error setting stream
[ 5549.451627] imx390 8-005d: Error turning on streaming
[ 5549.472373] tegra194-vi5 corr_err: discarding frame 0, flags: 0, err_data 16384

Could you help me check it ?


hello JCap,

suggest you should based-on the reference driver and revise it with TI’s connection,
you may access L4T sources package for the release source codes.
for example,
here’re IMX390 kernel driver and sensor device tree for your reference.

once you complete the driver implementation,
please refer to Port Binding session to review your driver for the VI, NvCSI, and sensor module port bindings.
you should also examine the port binding, To verify the port binding result, with media control.

since you’ve made the camera driver works before, you may review your sensor driver implementation, especially the sensor device tree.
there’s also a Debugging Tips session to list several examination steps,

Hi JerryChang

I will try it and later update it.