Xavier NX with DS90UB960-Q1

We plan to work with XAVIER NX connected to DS90UB960-Q1:
Since I’m new in Linux I want to know:

  • Does the linux version released by NVIDIA contains that driver?
  • If not if someone add it already and can help how to do it and how to add it to the ‘device tree’?

hello david.ildis,

this is a FPD-Link SerDes chip, am I understand this correctly?
may I know which is your sensor vendor? please also refer to Jetson Camera Partners.

Yes it is a SerDes chip of TI, since I’m new in Linux need help in writing the initialize to that chip via I2C.
My question is if I have to write kernel driver and to add it to the ‘Device Tree’ or can I write the initialization from complication layer using the I2C Read/Write API’s to access the chip?

hello david.ildis,

here’s reference driver to stream imx390 camera sensor by using maxim SerDes chip, i.e. max9295/max9296.
imx390 ---> max9295 (serializer)---> max9296 (deserializer) ---> VI

please check the device tree for reference,
i.e. $L4T_Sources/r32.6.1/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x/galen/kernel-dts/common/tegra194-p2822-0000-camera-imx390-a00.dtsi

here’s path for reference drivers.
i.e. $L4T_Sources/r32.6.1/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/

there should be functionality of this SerDes chip to enable test-pattern-generator (TPG), which usually helps for further debugging. this also helps to verify the hardware connections, regulator settings, port binding…etc by enabling TPG.

here’s developer guide for developing SerDes (Serializer-Deserializer) links,
please also check Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework for reference,

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer, I’ll follow your suggest…

I’m back trying to build my environment:
I didn’t find in the kernel source code the device tree file for the max9295/9296 (.dtsi file), if you can help.


please check imx390 camera driver in comment #5 for reference.

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