How to add the max9271 driver to L4T R32.4.4

I want to add the max9271 serializer driver to NVIDIA drivers of Linux Kernel 4.9.
I added the source code max9271.c under the location kernel_src\kernel\nvidia\drivers\media\i2c
I added into the Makefile
obj-$(CONFIG_I2C_IOEXPANDER_SER_MAX9271) += max9271.o

I added into the KConfig:
tristate “MAX9295 Serializer I2C IO Expander”
If you say yes here you get support for the MAX9271 serializer
I2C IO Expander.

  To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module
  will be called max9271.

I added into the config file tegra_defconfig (kernel_src\kernel\kernel-4.9\arch\arm64\configs):

I added into the dts:

			max9271_prim@62 {
				compatible = "nvidia,max9271";
				reg = <0x62>;
				linux,phandle = <0x10d>;
				phandle = <0x10d>;

			max9271_a@40 {
				compatible = "nvidia,max9271";
				reg = <0x40>;
				nvidia,gmsl-dser-device = <0x31>;
				linux,phandle = <0x30>;
				phandle = <0x30>;

			max9271_b@60 {
				compatible = "nvidia,max9271";
				reg = <0x60>;
				nvidia,gmsl-dser-device = <0x31>;
				linux,phandle = <0x33>;
				phandle = <0x33>;

However when the system boot the following error occurs:

missing serializer driver

code from the imx390.c
if (ser_i2c->dev.driver == NULL)
dev_err(dev, “missing serializer driver\n”);
goto error;
Seems he serializer driver is not find by the kernel when when linux is booting.
Can you help on this point ?

Maybe lost below device tree configure.

					nvidia,gmsl-ser-device = <&ser_a>;
					nvidia,gmsl-dser-device = <&dser>;

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