How to change 1st boot device as a SD card in NVIDIA Jetson Nano System-on-Module

Hi Team,
I am using NVIDIA Jetson Nano System-on-Module board and it has eMMC 16 GM storage, and on 16 GB UBUNTU 18 .04 already been installed.
Now I had another SD card which also has a bootable and jetback installed.
Here just i wanted to make 1st boot device as a SD card. so i can boot with my SD card.
can any one please help on this…

If that sdcard slot is on the custom carrier board, then it won’t be able to be 1st boot device.

The bootloader does not recognize it by default.

I appreciate your quick response… yes, the SD card slot is on a custom carrier board. Can the bootloader detect the carrier board slot somehow?

Are you the board vendor or it is from someone else?

Since we are end users, we procured two boards to explore and check whether this board meets our requirements. If it does, we are looking to procure morethan 100 boards.

Our previous model was Jetson nano P3450, so if we can get this model, that would be helpful to us.


To enable bootloader to recognize the sdcard slot on carrier board, it requires the board schematic. That is why I asked for that.

If you are just end users, then I would say what you want to do is not supported. Please try other alternatives like usb drive instead.

okay, than can you please suggest any other boards, which have SD card slot directly on JETSON
or it would be helpful if you share sales contact details to check availability of Jetson nano P3450


The problem is not which board to use. It is which module to use.

We have two kinds of modules.

First one is a module has sdcard slot on it.

The second one has no sdcard slot on it. But directly has a emmc.

The nv devkit all use the first sdcard module kind.

And sorry that we are enginner teams so don’t know sales contatct detail about your need. Please check the website of our partners.

The information you provided @WayneWWW was very helpful. It is a pleasure chatting with you, and I will look at your website …
and would be some help for me if you share model names of module which have SD card slot on it like similar to Jetson nano P3450



One more clarification here…

“module with sdcard slot” will be only sold along with p3450.
We don’t sell this separately.

The one that we sell as module-only is the emmc based module.

Thank you for the information, and sorry for stretching it a bit.
could you please let me know how can i check which jetson i have, whether it is Jetson nano, Jetson Xavier NX, or Jetson TX2

How do i check this one? because i have more than 200 jetsons with model no. p3450

p3450 is the id of Jetson Nano devkit.

p3448 is the id of jetson nano module.
p3449 is the id of the jetson nano devkit carrier board.

Thus p3448 + p3449 combination will be p3450…

But if you have p3450 already, then why are you still asking the previous question?

We required another 100+ jetson nano devkit boards… if we did not get this one, then we are planning for alternative boards but it should be without eMMC and carrier board should be p3449.
For your reference i have attached jetson snaps which we have currently.

Both emmc module and sdcard module could work on p3449 carrier board.

and i hope other products like Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson TX2 and etc will work with p3449 carrier board right?

err…sorry, no. They are not fully compatible.

Xavier NX and TX2-NX use Xavier-NX’s carrier board.

oh…it is becoming very complicated now…
NP, will check with NVIDA sales partners and once again thanks for your kind support…


can you please confirm is NVIDIA has stopped manufacturing “Jetson Nano Developer Kit” product?

No, Jetson Nano is back! Availability for Jetson Nano Developer Kit (with 4GB memory) resumes Black Friday in the US, and worldwide in December.
See Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier announcements - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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