How to change MCX354-FCBT port type under Windows 7 device manager

How can I change the MCX354-FCBT port type under Windows 7 unsing the device manager ?


Hi Christeen,

thank you for the answer.

However, after upgrading to FW 2.32.5100 there is no Port Protocol tab anymore.!

Ugrading to FW 2.33.5100 : just the same, no Port Protocol tab.

What can I do ?

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For firmware 2.32.5000 and above, there is an option to set port personality using mlxconfig tool.

You need to have mlnx MFT first: Mellanox Technologies

You can refer to section 2.1.1 page 20:

You need to login to the shell as an admin. Run mlxconfig -d to see all options. There you’ll find the command line needed for changing port type.

In order to view your devices u can run: mst start, and then mst status.


In case you would like to change the port type (IB/Eth), please follow the procedure below:

  1. Open the device manager and expand “System Devices”

  2. Find the ConnectX card, left click on it then choose ‘properties’

  3. Go to Port Protocol tab and determine the port protocol type that you wish.

Few comments:

• If you choose the HW Defaults option, the port protocols will be determined according to the NIC’s hardware default values.

• If you choose IB or ETH, both ends of the connection must be of the same type (IB or ETH).

• Enable Auto Sensing by checking the AUTO checkbox. If the NIC does not support Auto Sensing, the AUTO option will be grayed out.

If you still have any questions, please inform us.




I know all this.

Let me put the question diffferently:

Is the “Port Protocol” tab still generally available after the FW update, or is this just a problem with my setup ?