How to change the usb from device to host mode on sdk5.1.1

I know there is a USB is in device. I have systemclt disable nv-l4t-usb-device-mode-runtime.service, but when I plugin the U disk, it’s not working. I think it’s still device mode.
How can I set to device mode?

Is that a custom board or devkit? If it is a devkit, then it is normal behavior because xavier nx devkit micro usb port only supports device mode as the hardware design does not support host mode…

If that is your custom board, then you should tell the schematic and what device tree configuration is in use…

custom board,can I modify the dts?

I don’t have a direct answer to your question.
Any custom board may need the modification of device tree. It depends on your hardware.

As I always say on this forum, I don’t know you or your board. It is not possible for me to directly tell “oh you can just modify balabala to make it work” without any extra info from you. You’ve been this forum for a while, so I assume you should get what I said here.

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