How to use usb0 as a regular USB port?

USB0 is not configured for device mode but can be used to connect USB drives and mouse devices. How should I configure it?

Do you use custom board or Xavier NX developer kit? The hardware design of the port in developer kit is device mode only.

Using custom board, there is no response when I plug in a USB drive.

You would need to modify device tree to fit design of hardware. Please check adaptation device for device tree programming.

Please note Jetpack 4 and 5 have different ways of device tree programming. Please make sure you check the correct version.

Alright, I know how to update the device tree. Which file should I modify?
I’m using the Xavier NX core board with JetPack version 4.6.

Check your flash log to know which file to modify. There is no standard answer for this question.

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