Is there any way to make USB0 work as USB host hub?

Hi, I found a “USB 2.0 Pin Description” table in the Jetson_Xavier_NX_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09693-001_v1.6 document. It seems that USB0 can work as hub. can I use this port to connect to a usb device?

I have made a carrier board, and the USB0 can work as a device when the NX board get into recovery mode, but when I want to use this port as a normal usb host port when the NX board is normally booted, It did not work. I have connected VDD_5V_USB to VDD_5V_IN directly. Is there any thing I need to config in my Ubuntu system?

Thank you very much.

Yes, you can configure it to host mode. Please refer to the adaptation guide.

If you need a link for document, then you need to tell us you are using rel-32 or rel35.

Thank you.
But I do not known how to make sure I am using rel-32 or rel35. I did not learn about rel-32 or rel35 before. Can you give some tips?

Jetpack4.x is rel-32 release.

Jetapck5.x is rel-35 release.

I am using rel-32 now, and I might update to rel-35 later. Can you give me the link for document of both kinds of release? Thank you very much.

→ adaptation guide

Thanks for your help.

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