How to use USB0 interface on Jetson Xavier NX,USB0 is device mode

I use the cable to connect the Micro usb on the carrier board to my PC USB interface. Nothing happens on my PC.How to use Micro USB interface?

Is it a jetson NX developer kit? or some custom board?

it is a jetson NX developer KIT

What is your expectation from this port? I don’t quite understand what you want to ask here.

Just to clarify, often people get used to devices showing up on the host PC when plugging in such cables, and assume this is a default behavior. However, this showing of a device is not default, it is just “often practiced”. The presence of the micro-B USB cable showing up upon plugin to a host PC depends on what the device was designed to show up as. Thus the question of asking what you want it to show up as.

Note that by default, after flashing a Jetson dev kit, the host would see a mass storage device with a README file, and also a virtual wired ethernet router. If these don’t show up, and if this is an otherwise unmodified dev kit, then perhaps something is wrong.

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