How to send data to host pc using micro usb

I want to send data from jetson to host pc by connecting jetson xavier NX micro usb and host pc.
However, L4T-README pops up when micro USB is connected to the host PC.
How do I send and receive data by connecting the micro USB and host PC?
(Currently jetson xavier nx has jetpack 4.4 version installed)

In the connection, Xavier NX runs in device mode and you can execute the command on host PC to get file(s):

$ scp nvidia@ ./

Thanks DaneLLL.
I entered the command in the way I told you, and I was able to import the file to the host pc.
But I have to create a program.
I am trying to send the result calculated by cuda to the host pc. (I want to send it as soon as the calculation is completed in the program (not saving a file))
Are there any functions that Linux supports for usb communication like socket, uart programs?
If there is a function that supports usb communication, please let me know an example.

After flash, when fully booted, the micro-B USB should be emulating a network device. Connecting this to the host PC should cause the PC to see this as a network device. The address on the Jetson side will be, and the address on the PC side should be You could copy using network methods, and if the correct address is used, then that traffic would be across the micro-B USB.

From the NX you might see if you can “ping” when the micro-B USB cable is installed, and on the PC you might check if you can “ping”. On the host PC you could find “man nc” of use, and a Google search on “netcat” examples would show you many ways to use this. Data from your output can be piped to netcat, and the netcat at the other end would pipe to the other computer.