Sending character communication via usb from Linux xavier to windows computer

I’m trying to send a string of characters from the xavier device (running on linux) to a windows computer. We have used this in a similar application but a PLC to a windows computer with a simple wedge software downloaded.
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I can find the connected device on the windows but I can’t find it on the nvidia device. I have it plugged in the USB-C next to the I/O pins (developer kit). I’ve tried lsusb and v4l2-ctl . It doesn’t appear on either command. Is there something I need to do on the PC to make it discoverable to the nvidia device? IS there a way to look up whats connected to a specific port?

This would need other users to share experience. In general, if you connect to a Linux host PC through J512 port, Xavier goes into device mode and a README pops up. You can check the README which lists multiple use-cases.

For connecting to Windows system, Xavier also goes to device mode and you can use Putty to login by executing ssh USERNAME@

I know nothing about the application, but it looks like it just uses a serial UART and makes it look like a keyboard. How do you physically connect the Windows system to the Jetson? Is it via UART?

Currently I have a usb-c connected to the flashing port of nvidia to another usb-c on my docking station. In device manager on windows it shows up as COM6. I can then use the Simple wedge software utilize the COM6. Does that answer your question? Based on what I learned about UART that answer would be no?

The USB-C on the Jetson won’t necessarily provide a USB serial UART unless both hardware and software exist to do this on the port. Alternatively, you can use a USB serial UART to add the hardware, but even this must talk to another UART…they work in pairs, and I don’t know enough about this software and PLC to know what is or isn’t present.

How does the PLC connect to the Jetson, e.g., PCIe? Or is the PLC on the Windows side, and if so, is it via PCIe? Does the PLC have a USB port which exposes a serial UART? Or does the PLC have actual discrete serial UART pins? Or does software have to run to link the PLC’s UART to a USB connector on the host? This needs an exact detailed description of all physical connections alone with where any custom software runs for the PLC, e.g., if software must run at both sides or if the software only runs on the side with the PLC.

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