Fresh flash Xavier: Cannot see Device

We carefully followed the setup instructions and connected the USB-C cable as shown in the Quick Start.

We do not see any NVIDIA device on the host (tried 3-4 different Linux hosts).

On the device, we also dont see any network interfaces. When we connect ethernet that shows up but nothing configured for that the flashing process is expecting. We used the cable included and also bought another one to check but both show the same issue.

Is there anything obvious we are missing or can try to force the network connection?

Which USB-C connection are you using? Be sure to use the connector closest to the 40 pin header.

Yes, using the back side connector. Not the side with USB a or HDMI ports. I can send a photo to be sure if you want

When you say that you do not see an NVIDIA device what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that lsusb | grep -i nvidia finds nothing? Do you get the same results when the device is in recovery mode?

Yes, lsusb does not list NVIDIA. Only intel and other usb devices.

It was the same list in recovery mode but I can try again to be sure. Was trying to connect the SDK manager to flash so mostly trying in normal mode

Does the Xavier boot?

I’d check to see if lsusb lists the device in recovery mode.

Yes it boots, we can ssh and do stuff on it. Also made the mistake of unminize to make sure everything is open but didn’t change anything.

If it doesn’t see it still after manual recovery mode is entered then what should I do?

It’s hard to imagine that you’re doing something wrong. I guess you could post a photo but I’m pretty convinced that nothing is wrong with your setup. Is it connected through a USB hub? Are your linux hosts native or VMs?

If you still can’t enumerate when in recovery mode then maybe your Xavier is broken. Someone from Nvidia will see this post and help.

Which USB-C? Is it the one next to the 40-pin header? If not, use that.

When logged in to the Xavier, what do you see from “ifconfig” and “route”?

If you run “dmesg --follow” on your host PC, and then connect the USB-C, what messages show up? If anything does show up, then what output do you see on the host PC from “ifconfig” and “route” commands?

“dmesg --follow” wasn’t showing any activity when plugging the cable in for Normal mode.

ifconfig doesn’t show

Then forcing Xavier manually to recovery mode, finally showed some messages on USB through ‘dmesg’ and ‘lsusb’ now shows NVIDIA.

SDK Manager seems to be flashing it.

After flashing show up in Host’s ifconfig and it can connect via ssh to after creating an account on the Device.

Thanks all


I’m having this problem also, essentially laptop (host) / Xavier usb connection dropped. Here’s my output from dmesg --follow as I reconnect the cable.

[ 256.924698] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Type-C Port Disconnect Detected
[ 256.926714] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: [typec-port0] Cable state:0, cable id:1
[ 256.927250] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: vbus state: 0
[ 256.927260] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: device mode off: 0
[ 256.927299] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: active: 1 => 0
[ 256.927308] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: entering ELPG
[ 256.928261] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: entering ELPG done
[ 290.740461] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Type-C Port Connect Detected
[ 290.742474] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: [typec-port0] Cable state:1, cable id:1
[ 290.742528] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: vbus state: 1
[ 290.742567] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: exiting ELPG
[ 290.747424] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: exiting ELPG done
[ 290.747459] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: device mode on: 0
[ 290.747482] tegra-xudc-new 3550000.xudc: active: 0 => 1
[ 291.132199] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Hard Reset Sent to Port Partner
[ 292.256850] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Hard Reset Sent to Port Partner
[ 293.381483] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Hard Reset Sent to Port Partner
[ 294.505659] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Source Disabled State Entered
[ 304.083428] rtl_usb:rtl_usb_resume [rtl_usb]:<10000-1> Too short packet from bulk IN! (len: 44)

Can you describe the host PC in more detail? Is this a native Ubuntu 18.04? Is there any kind of USB HUB involved? What I see seems to be an actual USB issue, but more information is needed since the error doesn’t really say enough to dig in deeper.

My host is a dual boot laptop, running Ubuntu 18.04. The wire goes directly from Xavier to PC. I have re-flashed numerous times since mid December, and I rarely have this Xavier not found error. If the problem occurs again, can you recommend commands for digging deeper. Also, on that laptop, I’m currently connect to the USB port on the left side of the machine. I don’t believe Xavier can be detected if I use the port on the right side. Prior to this effort, I never used the port on the left side, and have always used the port on the right side. (I didn’t even know there was a port on the left side.) Currently, I have an external drive on the right side, which works fine. So, this is an infrequent, intermittent problem, on the left.

I don’t know of any simple test (e.g., a USB logic analyzer would be great, but only if you have lots of money to spend). Right now I’d say that if you can try another computer with Ubuntu 18.04, then that might be the best test…to see if the problem remains even from another PC.

If not, then you might try an external HUB just to change the signal quality from depending on a direct connect to having some intermediate device (signal quality can change depending on tiny issues, e.g., a different cable…the HUB would not be to give you more ports, but would instead be to see if changing the signal from depending on direct talk between Jetson and laptop to instead have an intermediary).

Regarding the errors, these are at a level which does not normally show up from “simple” causes. I think trying another PC would be by far the best next debug step.