Serial communication to a computer via USB Micro Type B -> USB Type A

Hi guys,

i am searching for a possibility to send data, like images as a serial bytestream from my windows 10 pc to the jetson and backwards. The communication must be controlled by the pc. I have already tried to send serial data in this way, because i have read that in the l4t readme, that is possible for for expample headless mode . Anyway, after i send data, the data also arrives on the other side, but not in the correct order. Maybe it is a termination/newline problem because of linux and windows. I am not so familiar with serial interfaces and i have no idea how ever the data is physically transmitted. I have configured the communication as 8n1, on both sides, what means for me it is an asynchronous communication without clock. I only know this type of configuration from UART with RX/TX. The USB micro Type B has DP/DN and i think its a other type of communication, or?

Nevermind. My question is, is it possible at all for my application to communicate on this way? If not, are there alternatives? USB to UART converter and connect with wires to the UART pins from Jetson?

Thanks for all help.

hello cluri ,

please check these two topics for reference,

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Serial communications is fairly straightforward, and should work if the speeds are reasonable (default is 115200 8N1). Often, when there is some sort of corruption, then the cause might be due to the other end not using the correct voltage level. The NX serial ports should normally run at 3.3V (TTL) level. If you are using something else, e.g., 1.8V or 5V (or worse, a DB-9 connector), then I would expect severe data problems. Is your host PC side using 3.3V logic level?

Okay, thanks for your answer. How can i find out the voltage level, without cutting the cable. It is a standard bussines laptop with windows 10.

Okay i finally made it. Communication works in both directions, but very slow for an image with 800x200 px (which are 160 000 bytes in a grey value image?) baudrate is set to 115200 in both programs (C# and Python), in COM Port setting on Windows PC, but i have seen that baudrate on Jetson with “sudo stty -F /dev/ttyGS0 -a” is on 9600, and i cant change it with “sudo stty -F /dev/ttyGS0 115200”. With 115200 it should be not more than 2 seconds, or?

Thanks for your help! :)

For voltages you’d have to know what is specified with your serial cable device, or perhaps measure it with an oscilloscope. Most people use a USB serial UART on the PC side, and you’d just need to look up its specifications if you don’t have an oscilloscope. Expect all DB-9 connectors to be incorrect (and dangerously so…these could damage the Jetson).

I don’t know which driver/UART actually works with “ttyGS0”. I am only guessing, but probably this is something showing up over the micro-B USB cable (can anyone confirm ttyGS0 is valid and related to the micro-B USB cable devices?). Depending on the driver this might or might not accept various methods of changing its settings. All setup operations on a serial UART device depend on the driver.

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