Xavier NX Devkit, set another usb port to device mode

Hey there,

on the Xavier NX devkit the USB B is configured to be in device mode so that it can be used for flashing.

I read in the design manual that one of the eight USB Ports can be set to device mode.
I’d like to configure one of the four USB3 Ports of the devkit to be in device mode instead of the USB B port.

Where is the device tree do I need to make this change?

If that is on devkit, then there is no other port that can configure as device mode.

Design guise manual is for custom board info. Need hardware design to match so that software could work.

I’ll expand on the problem by suggesting that the dev kit has only one connector with the wiring necessary for device mode, the micro-OTG (which is both a type-A and type-B socket, but has an ID pin to tell the software which type is plugged into it). The others are all type-A in a dev kit, and those are not physically wired to be able to run in device mode. You’d have to have a third party carrier board with type-B socket wiring unless you are sticking to the micro-OTG connector and are plugging a micro-B plug into it.

Note: USB-C has both type-A and type-B wiring possible.

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