USB OTG Support in Xavier NX


I am trying to bring-up the OTG support for micro USB port in a custom board with Xavier SoM.

First, is it possible to support the OTG support in the Xavier-NX devkit?

If so what all thing we need to consider to make the OTG support for the micro USB port?

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Ann Rose Antony

It is not supported on Xavier NX developer kit. The micro port on developer kit works in device mode only. Please design you own custom board and refer to adaptation guide for programming device tree.

@DaneLLL Thanks for the response.

I am following the adaptation guide to update the dtsi files.

Ann Rose Antony

I am not positive, but I think the hardware itself is not properly connected to the NX dev kit micro-OTG connector for working in host mode.

A user has shared a working design for Jetson Nano. It is similar for Xavier NX. Please take a look:
USB 2.0 Functionality - #15 by arvindprksh

You would need to have a proper design of VBUS and ID pins on the custom board, and define extcon states correctly in device tree.

@DaneLLL , @linuxdev ,

Thanks for the help. After making some hardware changes along with the software changes in the dts and driver, we are able to make the OTG mode switch work fine.


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