How to compile nvidia plugins(nvstreammux and nvvideo4linux2)

where to find the source code of nvidia plugins …

All plugins that are open sourced and can be found
in the directory /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/sources/gst-plugins. The two plugins you listed are not open sourced.

please find the link below:

Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer.

There are some plugins source code , please let me know how to compile the plugins.

Can you share the file name or link? I cannot find the plugins in the Jetson download center…

Please go through the footnotes given below( * C/C++ Sample Apps Source Details)
Gst-v4l2 sources are not present in DeepStream package. To download, follow these steps:

  1. Go to: Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer.
  2. In the Search filter field, enter L4T
  3. Select the appropriate item for L4T Release 35.2.1.
  4. Search for L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources
  5. Download the file and un-tar it, to get the .tbz2 file.
  6. Expand the .tbz2 file. Gst-v4l2 source files are in gst-nvvideo4linux2_src.tbz2. libnvv4l2 sources are present in v4l2_libs_src.tbz2

You are right, some OSS plugins are released together with the BSP.
Normally the packages for Jetson can be compiled on Jetson platform directly. I put v4l2_libs_src.tbz2 on my Xavier and just run make according to the readme file and it can create the .so file. But failed to build gst-nvvideo4linux2_src.tbz2 due to lack of symbols.

Hi @sangeeta.c, is this topic the same as 257216? You get the source code from Jetson web page and want to complile it on the dgpu?

Yes it is the same

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This may be very complex, as many of the dependencies of Jetson and DGPU are not the same. You need a complete set of dependency configurations in the Makefile to compile successfully.
Why do you need to do this? Have you encountered any bugs? You can just open a new topic about the bugs you encountered.

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