How to create a physics simulation of wrecking ball (rope and weight at the end)


I am able to create a deformable simulation on a cylinder to mimic a rope but I can’t understand why a fixed joint to a sphere with a rigid body simulation doesn’t work or why I am not able to connect the rope to beam so it doesn’t fall.

If there is any tutorial I missed regarding this issues or even better a solution that works please inform me. thank you.

Hello @ronbubl! Have you checked out this video yet?

Also, here is a link to more information about Deformable Bodies: Deformable-Body Simulation — Omniverse Extensions documentation


Thank you Wandy.

I followed the tutorial - I missed the attachment part. but now I have a new problem. My rope (cylinder) is stretching like a rubber - I created a physical material for deformable body and I change the young’s modulus, and still nothing.

Any Idea?

Hello @ronbubl! The dev team suggest that you take a look at our rigid body rope examples Window > Simulation > Demo Scenes > Rigid-body ropes.

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I took a look at the demo and then tried to add a weight to an anchored rope. as long as the weight was low, every thing was fine, as soon as I added weight - the rope started to act like a rubber - the elements started to get apart, I tried various stiffness options - none worked. what am I missing?
thank you so much for your active help and answers.

The higher the mass ratio is between the total mass of the whole system and the individual chain link pieces, the higher you need to make your simulation frequency in the scene, and/.or you might want to try using articulations.

Hi Adam, Your Intro to Physics Part 1: Setting Up a Wheel in NVIDIA Omniverse Create, is a useful guide on how to apply physics from scratch but. since it’s based on the 2020 version, it doesn’t quite represent the 2022.3.3 interface. Do you have an update that would track with that?

Better still, is there a basic step-by-step overview of how to assign physics to a small number of imported bodies? The Property menu is so vast and context sensitive that it’s difficult to follow the cursor movements, so a simpler, clearer view would be helpful.

yes, there is an updated tutorial series for physics extension from Adam:


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