How to create the push graph in the new app version

I am trying to build a curve and define it as a camera flow path according to the tutorial from the link below:

The tutorial is using Create 2022.1.0 and I am using 2022.1.4
It selects all of the intended xforms and uses the “Curve from Xformables” which makes a push graph and turns the xforms into a curve.

I have the same “Curve from Xformables” option too of course it is from a different menu path which is supposedly related to the version differences.

I select all my intended xforms and choose that option but then this menu pops up

and no matter what my input is, it does not end up creating the push graph. I tried creating the push graph manually but it does not work. I think that has something to do with the utilities under “import” and “transforms_to_curve” of the push graph in the tutorial that mine lacks.

Can you guys help me build a proper push graph?

Hi @Ai-Da. I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Here’s my PushGraph created from the Xforms:

Could you provide a sample scene where you’re seeing the issue?

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