How to Decode & rescale with HW decoder + VPI rescale

Hi, I am using Jetson Xavier AGX, in which trying to decode the image with multimedia API as below

jpegdec->decodeToFd(fd, in_buffer, file_size, pixfmt, width, height);

And after that how can I convert the fd buffer to VPIImage for doing further processing like rescaling etc?

Do you use Jetpack 4.6.2 or 5.0.2? The interface is different between the two releases.

Jetpack 5.0.2

You can call the functions to get EglImage:


And refer to this patch to wrap EglImage to VPI Image:
Using VPI in GStreamer - #21 by AastaLLL

If you only need to rescale the resolution, can also call NvBufSurf::NvTransform()

I have tried using the functions you have mentioned, but getting a segmentation fault, my code is below

ret = jpegdec->decodeToFd(fd, in_buffer, file_size, pixfmt, width, height);
NvBufSurface pSurf = NULL;
ret = NvBufSurfaceFromFd(fd,(void
ret = NvBufSurfaceMapEglImage(pSurf, 0);

In the last line, I am getting a segmentation fault.

Please create other NvBufSurface and copy the decoded data to the buffers, for further processing. In 12_camera_v4l2_cuda sample, there is similar code for MJPEG decoding. Please refer to the part.

Can you suggest to me which library should I link as I am getting the below error?

undefined reference to NvBufSurf::NvAllocate(NvBufSurf::NvCommonAllocateParams*, unsigned int, int*) undefined reference to NvBufSurf::NvTransform(NvBufSurf::NvCommonTransformParams*, int, int)

There is wrapper in


Please build the cpp file.

Yes, now the application got compiled, but I am getting below error while creating VPI wrapper from egl image

NvBufSurface pSurf = NULL;

NvBufSurfaceMapEglImage(pSurf, 0);
EGLImageKHR egl_image;
egl_image = pSurf->surfaceList[0].mappedAddr.eglImage;

VPIImageData egl_img_data,new_vpiImgData;
memset(&egl_img_data, 0, sizeof(egl_img_data));
egl_img_data.bufferType = VPI_IMAGE_BUFFER_EGLIMAGE;
egl_img_data.buffer.egl = egl_image;

VPIImage new_im;
CHECK_STATUS(vpiImageCreateWrapper(&egl_img_data, nullptr, 0, &new_im));

VPI_ERROR_INVALID_OPERATION: PVA is not available and may be oversubscribed in the system: PvaError_DeviceUnavailable

But here I hvae not given any flag to use PVA device

Hi, after restarting the device the error was gone. But now i am getting a green image as output, not actual image

Even though I have tried the below code without the functions you mentioned above, I got the output image and saved it. But the output image is a little brighter, not the same as the input image. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong here?

jpegdec->decodeToFd(fd, in_buffer, file_size, pixfmt, width, height);
VPIImageData imgdata;
memset(&imgdata, 0, sizeof(imgdata));
imgdata.buffer.fd = fd;
imgdata.bufferType = VPI_IMAGE_BUFFER_NVBUFFER;
VPIImageWrapperParams vpi_params;
vpi_params.colorSpec = VPI_COLOR_SPEC_BT601;
VPIImage im, im2;
VPIImageData vpiImgData;
vpiImageCreate(width, height, VPI_IMAGE_FORMAT_RGBA8, 0, &im2);
vpiSubmitConvertImageFormat(stream, VPI_BACKEND_VIC, im, im2, NULL);
cv::Mat Output_img;
vpiImageDataExportOpenCVMat(vpiImgData, &Output_img);
cv::imwrite(“out.png”, Output_img);

This is the code, below are the input and output images i am using


You can see that output image is little brighter than input.

could you check the code in the above comment and suggest some input for solving the issue?

It may be an issue in VPI. Please try to do conversion through NvBufSurfTransform() and check if the color is correct.

Okay will try that

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