How to enable 120fps mode on IMX219 sensor on Jetson Nano


I understand that with new JetPack version, 120fps mode has been disabled. I read that there is a way to add the mode back to sensor driver and device tree and then to rebuild the kernel. I saw that Honey_Patoucel wrote some instructions in this post to describe the steps for the Nano/TX1 and TX2/Xavier.

As I am new to this platform and need the 120fps sensor mode, could someone please post detailed instructions to enable the 120fps mode for the Jetson Nano board. It will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

The steps are clear in the post:
Gstreamer reports Raspberry Pi camera streaming at 120fps when in reality it is only 60fps - #15 by ShaneCCC

You would need to modify sensor mode table, device tree and then rebuild/replace kernel.

Hi Dane,

Thank you for that. I actually had read through earlier and they are doing this for the NX. At multiple places, they said to adapt it for the Nano or other platforms.

Since I am completely new to Linux, I do not know how to adapt the code for the Nano. Here are some places I am getting stuck:

[1] Patch the two files mentionned by @DaneLLL. How do I patch the files? What does that mean? What is the command to patch the files?

Not mandatory. Boost NX for saving some time. You may adapt for Nano.
Increase instantaneous OC limit, from 3.6A to 5A on NX, in order to prevent 'soctherm: OC ALARM 0x00000001'
Should be safe on NX according to: System throttled due to over-current? - #58 by JerryChang
sudo sh -c 'echo 5000 > /sys/devices/c250000.i2c/i2c-7/7-0040/iio:device0/crit_current_limit_0'

How do I adapt this command for the Nano?

[3] This is default device tree for NX on B01 devkit, you would adapt for other case.
sudo cp ${TEGRA_KERNEL_OUT}/arch/arm64/boot/dts/tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dtb /boot/test.dtb

What would the command be for the Nano?

Thank you for your help in answering my questions!

Please check kernel customization in developer guide. You would need to add the 120fps mode into the sensor mode table, modify device tree, rebuild/replace kernel and re-flash kernel image.

The device tree for Raspverry Pi V2 camera on Jetson Nano is at:


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