How to enable csi camera mclk?

Hi everyone

I have a CSI-2 4-lane camera module, currently I can manually

  1. enable ldo voltage: +1.8V_RUN_CAM (LDO_1), +2.8V_RUN_CAM (LDO_4), +1.05V_RUN_CAM_REAR (LDO7)
  2. use i2cdetect to check camera connection
  3. pull up reset pin
    but I don’t know how to enable mclk, I still studying imx135 driver for reference from released r21.3 source.

Does anyone can give me some idea?

It seem to setting default mclk in pinmux dtsi file.
But it still not work after modify cam_mclk_pcc0 content.
So I checked some gpio pin like GPIO_PBB0(CAM2_MCLK) by GPIO Tutorial, the gpio pin always 0, but GPIO_PH1 and GPIO_PU0 can pull up. It’s strange!


Were you able to resolve this problem? I am having the same problem with Cam2_mclk