How to entre force recovery mode of NX module using HZHY-AI310UAV development board

I am facing an issue related to the force recovery mode of Xavier NX using the HZHY-AI310UAV development board
i am not able to fine the manual for this development board also
if anyone have any idea then please share it with me
I need the solution as soon as possible
Thanks in adanve

Maybe you should directly check the website of the carrier board vendor.

The common way to put board into recovery mode is using the Force recovery pin and RST pin. But we don’t know where it is located on your carrier board. Better checking it with the vendor.

There is no information available on the official website of the vendor related to the carrier board this the link to the website and I am using the HZHY-AI310UAV board
Please help me regarding this

There is nothing I can help here. We don’t know the design of each vendor’s carrier board. Please directly contact them.

This would be better then we just give you some workaround.

If you know where the FRC pin is, then use a jumper on this pin and then plug in the power cable, and the board shall be in recovery mode.

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